We are pleased to offer a series of “How To” videos to provide insight and guidance as you use the features and capabilities of SuitabilityPro™ in your work with clients. These productions are “hands-on” to ensure that “what you see is what you do”.

(2:42) – An overview of the new SuitabilityPro™ suite of products which includes FinaMetrica Profiler™ — the world’s leading client risk profiling tool; ProPlanner™ – our award-winning financial planning software, and ProTracker™ to help your clients stay on course towards their goals. SuitabilityPro™ will help you build deeper client connections by providing personalized, relevant and meaningful financial advice from start to finish.

(1:24) – Meet your Advisor Dashboard – get a real-time view of your clients, along with your portfolio and risk profile distributions across all clients

(5:03) – An overview of the new SuitabilityPro™ suite of products and an introduction to FinaMetrica Profiler™ — the world’s leading client risk profiling tool, with it’s unique Suitability Score™ calculation. Combined with your professional judgment, FinaMetrica Profiler™ enables you to have focused conversations with clients to ensure your investment recommendations are aligned with their Risk Tolerance, Risk Need, and Risk Capacity, as well as their financial objectives.