ProPlanner Introduction

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SuitabilityPro - ProPlanner

ProPlanner Training Modules

(1:52) – Get a high-level view of ProPlanner, enter/edit your personal information, change your password, etc.(Can/US/AU Video)

(2:13) – Review the assumptions about market performance that drive ProPlanner’s suitability and advice process. (Can/US/AU Video)

(2:30) – Review the historical performance and risk/return characteristics of ProPlanner’s default investment policies e.g. Income, Balanced, Growth, etc. (Can/US/AU Video)

(2:10) – Create a new client record, add family members and update your client’s personal information. (Can/US/AU Video)

(5:01) – Deepen client engagement through an inter-active exercise to help clients identify and prioritize their personal values that will be key to implementing your recommendations. (Can/US/AU Video)

(1:32) – Get a high-level view of the ProPlanner process: identifying clients’ goals; determining assets & liabilities; calculating revenues; and developing investment strategies. (Can/US/AU Video)

(5:04) – Define client goals and details e.g. Retirement (age, cash flow needs); Education Funding (dates, amount required); Custom Goals (timing, amount required, etc.). (Can/US/AU Video)

(4:25) – Capture all your client’s assets; assign to appropriate portfolios e.g. Tax-sheltered, Non-tax Sheltered, Lifestyle, Education, Purchase, etc. (Can/US/AU Video)

(5:48) – See how to enter the personal financial data that you will use in completing your own financial plan (Can/US/AU Video)

(2:52) – Calculate all sources of revenue (including government benefits, pensions, etc.); amounts and duration, taxable vs. non-taxable, etc. (Can/US/AU Video)

(2:40) – Apportion client assets among goals; assign assets to appropriate portfolios; link portfolios to goals. (Can/US/AU Video)

(3:07) Analyze expected return, standard deviation, back testing and other portfolio behavior characteristics. (Can/US/AU Video)

(8:22) – Goal Analysis – Demonstrate the value of your advice by confirming assumptions, comparing clients’ current situation against alternative scenarios and recommending strategies that lead to realistic client expectations (Can/US/AU Video)

(3:31) – Calculate certainty of investment outcome, amount at risk and client’s capacity to take on risk associated with recommended portfolios. (Can/US/AU Video)

(5:16) – Learn how to store all relevant documents in one place; create/upload/share documents; customize and produce reports. (Can/US/AU Video)