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SuitabilityPro™ advances FinaMetrica’s and PlanPlus' world-leading platforms with the addition of investment policy generation, portfolio design and a tracking tool that continuously monitors the ongoing suitability of client portfolios.

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Suitability - FinaMetrica Profiler
Power Your Practice with FinaMetrica Profiler™

FinaMetrica Profiler™ is a new higher standard in assessing and evidencing the suitability of mapping investment products and services to investors' needs. It is built on the foundation of FinaMetrica's world-renowned risk tolerance toolkit.

SuitabilityPro - ProPlanner
Professionalize Your Practice with ProPlanner™

SuitabilityPro™: ProPlanner™ raises the bar for financial planning. Driven by a powerful, award-winning engine that has been market-proven for 25 years, ProPlanner™ equips advisors to offer intelligent, comprehensive goals-based planning advice that aligns the personal circumstances and objectives of each client within the realities of today's financial markets.

SuitabilityPro - ProTracker
Protect Your Practice with ProTracker™

SuitabilityPro: ProTracker™ helps you ensure that recommendations remain suitable in light of market performance, changing client behavior, needs and circumstances.

Training Information

PlanPlus Global offers FREE instructor-led Virtual Training to all SuitabilityPro users, right from the comfort of your office. Join us for an overview of SuitabilityPro™: FinaMetrica Profiler and/or SuitabilityPro™: ProPlanner. We will cover advisor custom settings such as capital market assumptions and how to apply your own professional judgement to support a consistent framework for investment advice. As well as a live case-based session. We will walk through the entire workflow from "Adding a client" to generating an Investment Policy Statement and developing a comprehensive financial plan.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm EST

SuitabilityPro™: FinaMetrica Profiler

  • Getting Started: Every Tuesday at 1pm EST for 45 mins

SuitabilityPro™: ProPlanner

  • Getting Started: Every Thursday at 1pm EST for 45 mins

"After testing other solutions in the market, SuitabilityPro is a step ahead of the competition. By using the Suitability Score™, I can clearly illustrate to prospects why their existing portfolio isn’t right for them and why they should work with me. Conversations with existing clients are taken to the next level, no longer focused solely on their portfolio. And as you can imagine, compliance is pleased."

Kristina Bates, CPA, CA, MBA, CIM®, Investment Advisor