Shawn Brayman

Shawn Brayman is the Founder of PlanPlus Inc. (1990) and CEO of PlanPlus Global (2017) – the merged entity of PlanPlus Inc. and FinaMetrica Pty Ltd.

Shawn Brayman


CEO, PlanPlus Global Inc.

Shawn Brayman is the Founder of PlanPlus Inc. (1990) and CEO of PlanPlus Global (2017) – the merged entity of PlanPlus Inc. and FinaMetrica Pty Ltd.  He has specialized in providing investment and financial planning solutions to financial advisors for more than 25 years. Eminently qualified, Shawn has a B.Sc. in Applied and Computational Mathematics and a Master’s Degree focusing on Predictive Expert Systems, commonly referred to as “artificial intelligence.” He also earned his Chartered Financial Planner (CFP).

Shawn has worked with financial planners around the globe, gaining a unique perspective on common challenges experienced by individual practitioners and large financial institutions in implementing advice-driven sales channels. His understanding of the financial planning industry around the world helped him bring insight and a global viewpoint to his role as a member of the Board of Directors of the Financial Planning Association (FPA).  The FPA is the largest association of professional financial planners in the world with over 23,000 members from more than 40 countries.

Shawn is a highly sought speaker for international conferences on topics of technology, financial planning best practices, research, and practice management. He has presented to audiences, both large and small, in Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands, Hungary, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. Shawn brings a unique combination of technical, business and financial planning knowledge to any audience.

Shawn has received numerous accolades and awards for his contribution to the profession of financial planning, including, among others:

  • Financial Planning Best Practices Guide for the 15,000 members of Advocis – Canada’s first comprehensive best practices manual
  • The Advice Transition Program – a Continuing Education program to help advisors transition from a traditional product sales model to a professional financial planning practice – awarded the “Advisor Education Award” for Canada
  • Beyond Monte Carlo: A Replacement for a Misunderstood Technology– presented with the global research Financial Frontiers Award by the Journal of Financial Planning and the Financial Planning Association. Shawn’s research identified major gaps in the use of Monte Carlo Simulations and introduced a ground-breaking new approach, called a Reliability Forecast.
  • Best New Initiative for org, the world’s first community-based “wiki” dedicated to financial planning. Since its launch, Planipediahas earned supporter from worldwide associations, academics, authors and planners from over 20 countries in10 languages
  • Academy of Financial Services Best Paper Award – chosen from many topics submitted by international scholars for Shawn’s submission on “Defining and Measuring Risk Capacity”.

Shawn’s expansive and unique subject matter expertise is frequently called upon by industry associations and regulators. In 2015, Shawn and the PlanPlus team were selected by the Ontario Securities Commission, Investor Advisory Panel, to head up a research project on Current Practices for Risk Profiling in Canada and Review of Global Best Practices. Recommendations from this research project are currently being implemented in Ontario and other provinces in Canada.

2016 was a busy year for Shawn. He volunteered with the Digital Advice Working Group for the CFP Board in Washington DC. This group included representatives from most of the top fintech “robos” in the world and was tasked with exploring scenarios of how Fintech would impact financial advisors by 2021.

That same year, along with co-author Dr. John Grable, Shawn was awarded the Best Applied Research Award by the Financial Planning Association for their research on Current Practices in Risk Profiling. He was also, along with co-author Larry Frank Jr., awarded the CFP Board Best Research Paper Award from the Academy of Financial Services for their paper Combining Stochastic Simulations and Actuarial Withdrawals into One Model – published by the Journal of Financial Planning, November 2016.

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