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Combining Stochastic Simulations and Actuarial Withdrawals into One Model

This paper explored a method that combined actuarial approaches for calculating withdrawals in retirement with Monte Carlo simulations. The model recalculated withdrawals for each scenario within each simulation, with a new simulation beginning for each year based on individual capital remaining and adjusted time horizons using mortality tables.

What constitutes Professional Judgment?

Chartered Professional Accountants. A structured process by which preparers and auditors, with an appropriate level of knowledge, experience, and objectivity, can form an opinion.
To specify principles that regulators might use in challenging preparers’ judgments.

I have been using FinaMetrica for over 17 years for onboarding new clients. They like the extensive value of the reports; but what we appreciate is the innovations in technology, the value of the client-facing materials and the development of the life-long client relationships as I get to really know their behavioral tendencies. FinaMetrica has assisted me in building a very successful practice and we highly recommend it for any advisor who wants to enhance the overall value of their client relationships.

Ron Wilkinson - Portland, Oregon, USA
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