Welcome to 2020! Last year was very significant for suitability in financial advice with new rules passed in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia – we wrap up all of those changes for you this month. And, a warning about the potential perils that await investors seeking better-than-market returns as we contemplate yet another low-yield year!

Global Financial Advice is Becoming More Suitable

Suitability standards continue to spread around the world with Canada enacting its ‘Client focused reforms’, the UK beginning its executive accountability regime and Australia passing suitability-based product governance rules.

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The High Risks in Low Returns

As we continue to live with record-low interest rates around the world the temptation increases to seek an above-market return. But, as a recent blow-up in the United Kingdom shows, chasing that extra return can expose investors to the risks of a funds freeze or loss of capital.

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Mapping to 7IM Pathway Model Portfolios

The 7IM Pathway Model Portfolios are now mapped to FinaMetrica risk tolerance scores alongside 7IM’s existing range.

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