Do clients really understand what you are telling them when you talk about probability and risk? Maybe not, with many people having a low ‘risk literacy’ which inhibits their abilities to make accurate forecasts and good judgements. Meanwhile, we examine five investor behaviours that undermine financial plans — and advisors may be as guilty as their clients!

The Perils of Low Risk Literacy

Financial advisors spend a lot of time explaining risk to the clients. But often those explanations are not understood, because clients don’t understand how to understand and respond to probabilistic risks.

Risk literacy is a serious issue for advisors, as the client’s ability to properly consent to a financial plan hinges on their ability to understand it.

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Watch Out For These Five Investor Behaviours

Behavioural economics has revealed many ways that investors — and investment advisors — can make mistakes or be fooled by things that are not what they seem. These are just five of a long list of biases and errors that can undermine our best intent.

These behaviours are summarised from the work of Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, who is one of the fathers of behavioural economics.

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PlanPlus Global’s FinaMetrica Risk Profiling Toolkit Awarded Best Risk Profiling Service

Each year the Professional Adviser awards in the UK recognises the best advisors, planners, platforms, investment solutions and support services in the financial services industry.

Firms submit a 500 word award entry that is scrutinised by independent judging panels composed of an appropriate mix of financial advisors, business consultants, fund researchers, platform specialists and other financial services sector experts. All panels are be chaired by Professional Adviser Editor Tom Ellis.

We are delighted to reveal that PlanPlus Global’s FinaMetrica Risk Profiling Toolkit beat off strong competition to be crowned Professional Adviser’s Best risk-profiling service for advisors.

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