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The High Risks in Low Returns

Low investment returns pose significant risks for investors, and their advisors. Their returns may not be sufficient to achieve their financial goals. But if they then go ‘chasing yield’ they can fall down the mineshaft of illiquid assets and become trapped. Hundreds of thousands of investors in the United Kingdom are living that pain right…

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Global Financial Advice is Becoming More Suitable

Suitability standards continue to spread around the world, with Canada enacting its ‘Client focused reforms’ in October. The new Canadian rules codify how know-your-client, know-your-product and suitability determinations should be applied. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom new executive accountability rules are giving sharp teeth to any bite from the regulator as it enforces the MiFid…

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Risk Conversations Only Tell Half of The Story

A skilled advisor can learn a lot about a client’s risk experiences and attitudes in a conversation. But it may only be half of the story they need to know. There is other critical information that won’t come to the surface that way — to drill-down to it, you need to use scientifically rigorous testing.…

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Advising Clients With Diminished Capacity

Dealing with a client with diminished financial capacity is an inevitability for most financial advisors. But it’s sometimes done in an unstructured or ‘seat-of-the-pants’ way, which can leave both advisor and client exposed to risks.  One of the best protections, for both sides, is the client’s stated goals, values and financial plan. These provide a…

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Avoiding Being Trampled By The Elephants In The Room

There’s a new elephant in the American financial services room, with the US$26 billion deal for Charles Schwab to buy competing broker TD Ameritrade. It’s being touted as a force to take on the national banks — and price is the key battle ground. The danger for smaller creatures is that they can end up…

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SuitabilityPro: ProPlanner Tour

Free trial – available now! ProPlanner is our newest evolution in comprehensive goal-based financial planning software. ProPlanner builds on our well-known Planit software, to assist advisors in gaining better: Productivity — getting clients quickly engaged in making financial decisions Advice — full goals-based planning tailored to financial and emotional needs Relationships — in-depth understanding of…

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Why Suitability is Replacing Disclosure in Regulating Advice

New research has revealed the deep flaws in disclosure-based regulations, with examples from the US, UK, Europe and Australia showing that relying on disclosures often fails to prevent harm to consumers — and can, in some cases, actually cause them harm. Suitability in financial advice is the answer to the many problems associated with disclosure-based…

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Financial Risk Tolerance vs. General Risk Tolerance

It’s tempting to equate financial risk taking with general risk taking, as it seems to make intuitive sense. But the two are not the same, and it is dangerous for advisors to treat them as if they are. There are different types, or ‘domains’, of risk. Some of the common domains in risk models include:…

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Get To Know The New FinaMetrica Profiler!

FinaMetrica Profiler is part of the SuitabilityPro product suite, from PlanPlus Global. Profiler extends the FinaMetrica world-leading psychometric risk tolerance test by adding the functionality of goal planning and portfolio selection. It’s FinaMetrica – with more! Everything you know and love about FinaMetrica’s world-renowned risk tolerance measurement is in the new Profiler — along with…

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Risk Profiling & Investment Proposal

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