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November 2019 Events

Nov 19 – FP Canada Gala Dinner – Toronto, Ontario, CA Nov 20 – FP Canada Symposium – Toronto, Ontario, CA Nov 21 – OSC Dialogue – Toronto, Ontario, CA Nov 25 – Financial Planning Academic Forum (FPAF) – Melbourne, Victoria, AU Nov 26 – Personal Finance and Investment Symposium (PFIS) – Melbourne, Victoria, AU…

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October 2019 Events

Oct 8 – Exceptional Advisor – Toronto, Ontario, CA Oct 15 to 16 – AFS Annual Meeting – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Oct 15 to 18 – FPA Pre-Conference Events – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Oct 17 – NextGen Conference – Manchester, UK Oct 17 – Private Client Event Oct 18 – Private Client Event Oct 24…

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September 2019 Events

Sep 8 to 11 – Private Client Event – St. Louis, USA Sep 11 to 13 – Bob Veres Conference – Omni Nashville Hotel, Nashville, USA Exhibitor and Speaker – Matt Glasgow and Shawn Brayman will attend Sep 11 from 1:30 to 2:30pm – Bob Veres – Shawn Brayman Presentation – From Tolerance to Solution:…

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PlanPlus Global Media Coverage and Press Releases

PlanPlus Global Launches New Goal-Based Planning Module at T3 Enterprise Conference in Ft. Lauderdale

PlanPlus Global today at the T3 Enterprise Conference taking place in Ft. Lauderdale announced the launch of its new goal-based planning module, ProPlanner — further enhancing its powerful financial advice software solution, SuitabilityPro™. The new suite of SuitabilityPro products enable a fully integrated suitability advice process that connects an academically valid risk profiling solution with…

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Suitability - FinaMetrica Profiler

PlanPlus Global Adds to its Financial Advice Solution with Launch of New Goal-based Planning Tool

PlanPlus Global today announces the launch of its new goal-based planning module, ProPlanner – further enhancing its powerful financial advice software solution, SuitabilityPro™. The new suite of SuitabilityPro products enable a fully integrated suitability advice process that connects the world’s most academically valid risk profiling solution with multi-award-winning financial planning software and a new, soon-to-be-released…

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Suitability - FinaMetrica Profiler

Announcing 2019 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards Winners

Announcing 2019 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards Winners PlanPlus Global, the world-leading financial planning, risk tolerance profiling, and suitability firm, today announces and congratulates the winners of the Global Financial Planning Awards 2019 competition. The awards were launched seven years ago to help increase global awareness and understanding of the important role played by financial…

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Suitability - FinaMetrica Profiler

PlanPlus Global Launches “Next-Generation” Risk Assessment Software, SuitabilityPro™: FinaMetrica Profiler

PlanPlus Global today announces the launch of SuitabilityPro™: FinaMetrica Profiler – a new higher standard in assessing and evidencing the suitability of mapping investment products and services to people’s needs. FinaMetrica Profiler has been in development since August 2017, when PlanPlus, renowned for its financial planning software, and FinaMetrica, the world leader in risk tolerance…

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PlanPlus Global Articles and Whitepapers

Sequence Risk – Understanding the Luck Factor

While a distribution portfolio’s exposure to sequence risk changes over time, sequence risk never really goes away unless the withdrawal rate is constrained considerably.A practical method for advisers to meas­ure this exposure to sequence risk is through evaluation of the current proba­bility of failure rate.The fundamental withdrawal rate for­mula is portfolio value ($X) times a withdrawal rate (WR%) to equal the annual distribution amount ($Y).

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Income Replacement Vs. Expense Approach to Insurance-Needs Analysis

Financial advisors commonly use three methodologies to determine client life insurance needs: income replacement, expense analysis, or hybrid models. Expense analysis is generally recognized as the more robust methodology, but requires greater discovery and data to perform. This paper compares these techniques to determine to what extent the simpler approaches identify greater or lesser insurance “needs” and to determine whether the differences are significant.

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Financial Planning Literature Survey

The FPSC Foundation has engaged PlanPlus to carry out an environmental scan of research carried out between 2003 and 2011, from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, in the field of financial planning. Article by Fagan, Brayman will be published in the Journal of Personal Financial Counselling, Summer 2011.

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Introducing the Debt Policy Statement

Although investment challenges like those experienced in 2008 and early 2009 can result in consumers losing substantial amounts of their investment capital for a time, many consumers lost their homes in the same period as a result of questionable lending practices or a failure by consumers to understand and plan their borrowing decisions.

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PlanPlus Global Blog

SuitabilityPro: ProPlanner Tour

Free trial – available now! ProPlanner is our newest evolution in comprehensive goal-based financial planning software. ProPlanner builds on our well-known Planit software, to assist advisors in gaining better: Productivity — getting clients quickly engaged in making financial decisions Advice — full goals-based planning tailored to financial and emotional needs Relationships — in-depth understanding of…

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Why Suitability is Replacing Disclosure in Regulating Advice

New research has revealed the deep flaws in disclosure-based regulations, with examples from the US, UK, Europe and Australia showing that relying on disclosures often fails to prevent harm to consumers — and can, in some cases, actually cause them harm. Suitability in financial advice is the answer to the many problems associated with disclosure-based…

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Financial Risk Tolerance vs. General Risk Tolerance

It’s tempting to equate financial risk taking with general risk taking, as it seems to make intuitive sense. But the two are not the same, and it is dangerous for advisors to treat them as if they are. There are different types, or ‘domains’, of risk. Some of the common domains in risk models include:…

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Get To Know The New FinaMetrica Profiler!

FinaMetrica Profiler is part of the SuitabilityPro product suite, from PlanPlus Global. Profiler extends the FinaMetrica world-leading psychometric risk tolerance test by adding the functionality of goal planning and portfolio selection. It’s FinaMetrica – with more! Everything you know and love about FinaMetrica’s world-renowned risk tolerance measurement is in the new Profiler — along with…

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Technology Turbo-Charges Financial Advice

A turbo-charger makes a car go faster because it packs extra air into the engine, so the engine can breathe more and deliver more horsepower. The technology used by financial advisers is doing a similar job, by creating more ‘air’ which allows the adviser to more fully explore their clients’ financial goals, fears and ambitions.…

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Risk Profiling & Investment Proposal

Sign Up for your COMPLIMENTARY Trial

PlanPlus Global is offering a COMPLIMENTARY 30-day trial of either (or both) SuitabilityPro™: FinaMetrica Profiler and ProPlanner. Your free trial of FinaMetrica Profiler will allow you to view and test the most powerful risk-profiling and investment proposal generating software available, while your free trial of ProPlanner will show you how you can generate comprehensive financial plans that are fully customized to clients’ circumstances and objectives

SuitabilityPro™: ProTracker will also be available for trial soon.

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