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Financial enterprises, institutions and product manufacturers are increasingly being held accountable and potentially liable by regulators for the suitability of recommendations given to investors, whether directly or through their advice.

PlanPlus Global Enterprise Solutions

PlanPlus Global’s decades of industry experience and state-of-the art technology will:

Improve client engagement

Simplify processes & reduce costs

Fast-track opportunities for growth

Reduce compliance & regulatory risk

Create a better client experience

Whether you are seeking a start-to-finish application or simply want to augment something that is already working well for you, we have the technology, expertise, processes, tools, algorithms, APIs, UX…whatever you require.

Take what we have created or “build your own” integrated platform using our market-proven foundation that includes:

Enterprise Solutions



Our suite of APIs has been developed and powered our own applications for decades. They include risk assessment and profiling, financial and investment planning, portfolio modelling, suitability testing and much more.

Now we can make our entire range of APIs available for integration and customization for your organization, giving them access to functions with less complexity, stress-free updating and scalability to easily add new features to your core technologies. Take a little or take them all in our SuitabilityPro™ software platform!


Global Scalability

PlanPlus Global currently has applications available in 25 countries and 19 languages, enabling our international clients to offer the same user experience, content and capabilities across all markets in which they operate.

Client Risk Profiling

The FinaMetrica Profiler, part of the PlanPlus Global SuitabilityPro™ suite, is built on the world’s foremost academically-validated psychometric risk tolerance assessment. This means you can feel confident your organization is delivering suitable and defensible financial advice to your clients.

Over the last 20 years, over 1.5 MILLION individual FinaMetrica risk tolerance tests have been completed for more than 10,000 advisors in 35 countries.

Financial Planning

With more than 20+ years of providing industry-leading financial planning software, we can help you institute a wide range of modular or goals-based and cash flow functionality, including detailed tax analysis, insurance and estate planning, portfolio modeling under various scenarios and HNW planning.

Use our process in its entirety through our market-proven ProPlanner; or integrate selected functions with your existing platform to customize and control the discovery, recommendations and on-boarding process for accuracy and consistency.

Portfolio Design

Portfolio Design

In today’s world, you cannot allow your advice delivery channel to suggest client portfolios influenced by the advisor’s personal biases or self-interest. You must have a proven methodology for determining the right asset allocation (and possibly security selection), based on portfolio parameters you set.

Those parameters can be derived from our research and automatically incorporated into the portfolio recommendations or, if you prefer, adjusted to align with internal policies or proprietary product preferences.

Suitability Assurance

As important as consistency of advice is by itself, in today’s regulatory-stressed environment, it is even more essential that recommendations meet the test of “suitability”. To validate the suitability of your investments, advisers and clients must first understand the risk associated with any portfolio being recommended. By creating a common language and points of reference, advisors and clients are in synch.

The FinaMetrica Profiler creates an end-to-end suitability process from investor to investment — by matching their portfolios’ Suitability Range™ with their personal Suitability Score™ to ensure “fit”. Advisors can then apply our Professional Judgement Matrix to fully validate and “personalize” their recommendations, thereby mitigating concerns about unsuitable recommendations.

Know Your Client

Delivery of Advice

Consumers vary in their preference for how they receive financial advice. Some are die-hard “do-it-yourselfers”, while others rely on full-fledged relationships with trusted advisors and, of course, there are many in-between.

With our capabilities, you can give clients a choice between self-service advice, digital advice with advisor collaboration or a traditional, one-on-one advisor relationship.

Client Portal

Client Portal

Want to empower your clients, deepen relationships and improve efficiency? Give clients access to your client portal to digitally transform their experience.

Connect your advisors to their clients throughout the client journey with 24/7 accessibility and analytics that inspire action and communication.

Made-to-order Technology

Made-to-order Technology

PlanPlus Global has been building customized technology solutions for our clients for decades. We have the industry insight and software experience to respond to your specialized requirements. By leveraging our APIs, we can deliver a made-to-order solution at a cost and pace that you will find surprising.

From integrations, single sign-on, digital access to solutions with virtually unlimited scalability, we can do it all!

Customized Branding

Customized Branding

Nothing says ease of implementation like underpinning your brand with solid, market-proven technology. Bring your brand to life by putting your look, feel, imagery, messaging and GUI on top of our solutions.

AWS Security

AWS cloud-based storage facility removes technology barriers, enabling you to focus on what truly matters for your businesses, without concern for the privacy, protection and integrity of your data.

AWS Security

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Through our 30 years of engaging with national and global clients who have critical and non-stop, on-demand applications, we have learned that our clients have high expectations for service. Our response has been to build an infrastructure and resource center that can provide instant services, day and night, across the globe in today’s omnichannel and online-first world.

Mapping Services

What are “Mappings”?

PlanPlus Global’s Mapping Services are built on a proprietary process, developed through 25 years of FinaMetrica’s risk profiling research and application. Through customized reports, it enables investment advisors to compare the risk tolerance range of mapped portfolios to the risk profile of their clients.

How are they used?

Mapped investment funds are more appealing to advisers — it takes the leg work out of them having to ascertain whether the level of risk in each investment fund they may recommend is suitable for a client in terms of their risk tolerance and objectives.

Mapping also reduces regulatory and business risks, diminishes business processing frictions and improves client communications for advisers.

Advisers are also more confident in using investment funds that are independently mapped by a third-party that does not have a vested interest in any investment management company.

How do we have our funds mapped?

Our process is comprehensive and founded on factual analysis of your funds. We ask you to provide us with detailed information about each investment fund, including (but not limited to):

  • Strategic/long term asset allocations
  • Current target and actual asset allocations
  • Benchmark indices used for comparison
  • Maximum costs that can be charged to the fund
  • The history of each fund

For additional information on how to provide better information to investors, strengthen your advisors’ value propositions, lower marketing costs, and enhance the presence and reputation of your firm by mapping risk tolerance profiles against your portfolios.

Contact us for additional information on how to provide better information to investors, strengthen your advisors’ value propositions, lower marketing costs, and enhance the presence and reputation of your firm by mapping risk tolerance profiles against your portfolios.